Cyanide for Breakfast


2023, Music Video, 6'

Recorded in February 2023
Weil am Rhein, Germany

To complement the Bands preference for analog recording technology, I decided to shoot the whole video with my Bolex H16 on 16mm film. It was a big challenge which I gladly accepted.
Together with Manuel Guldimann and Noé Herrmann the script was written with a lot of passion for detail. Manuel Guldimann was also responsible for creating and styling the breathtaking costumes that give the video its mystical atmosphere.

Director Miro Widmer
Screenplay Manuel Guldimann Noé Herrmann Miro Widmer
Cast Camilla Braunger, Mazlum Çalışkan, Coelestin Meier
Costume Designer Manuel Guldimann
Director of Photography Miro Widmer
1 st AD Samuel Tschudin
1st AC
Leonard Rottok
Editor Miro Widmer
Graphic Design Noé Herrmann
Catering Julia Minnig, Noé Herrmann
Thanks to Manuel Altorfer, Jonas Beckmann, Joana Frei, Reinhard Manz, Julia Minnig, Christoph Ruppli