Gabriela Montero - Artist in Residence

Sinfonieorchester Basel

2022, Portrait, 8'

Recorded between December 2021 – May 2022,
Basel Switzerland

Short documentary commissioned by the Sinfonieorchester Basel about the pianist, composer, improviser and political activist Gabriela Montero from Venezuela. In this portrait we accompany the talented and courageous artist during her “Artist in Residency” of the Sinfonieorchester Basel. Gabriela tells what the word origin means to her and in what context the term has to do with improvisation. She also tells about her compositions and their close connection with the political situation in her country of origin, Venezuela.

Directors Leonard Rottok, Miro Widmer
Director of Photography Miro Widmer
Additional Camera Attila Gaspar, Jonathan Hug, Leonard Rottok, Joel Sames, Sam Visscher, Moritz Willenegger
Sound David Rehorek, Samuel Tschudin, Moritz Willenegger
Interviews Leonard Rottok
Editor Miro Widmer
Sound Mix Daniel Steiner
Graphic Design Noé Herrmann
Subtitles Swiss TXT