Why Not

Anna Aaron

2018, Music Video, 3'

Recorded in March 2018
Sommercasino, Basel

why not mess up big time
why not tell lies
why not be double-minded
why not be a jerk
why not betray, why not
why not hurt someone you said you loved like crazy
why not think only abot yourself all of the time
why not break things
why not let down
why not care
why not suck at the most basic human decency
why not have no xpectations towards yourself
why not take a precious thing
and puke all over it
why not, why not
I am a woman of honor
and you fucked me over

Director Julia Minnig
Cinematographers Miro Widmer, Julia Minnig
Editors Miro Widmer, Julia Minnig
Graphic Designer Zoe Hall
Costume Designer Arlene Stebler
Make-Up Artist Arlene Stebler
Set Designer Wunderland
Music Anna Aaron

Awards & Festivals
2020 Gässli Film Festival, Nomination Best Music Video