Vo Bärg & Tal

Sinfonieorchester Basel

2022, Documentary, 18'

Recorded in March 2022,
Basel, Switzerland

Short documentary commissioned by the Sinfonieorchester Basel about their sing-along project “Vo Bärg und Tal” in which up to 350 children were involved. The focus is on Swiss folk music, which acts as a cross-generational link to ponder with different protagonists about the topic of origin.

Directors Leonard Rottok, Miro Widmer
Director of Photography Miro Widmer
Additional Camera Attila Gaspar, Leonard Rottok, Joel Sames
Sound David Rehorek, Samuel Tschudin
Music Recordings Nils Koechlin, David Rehorek
Interviews Leonard Rottok
Editor Miro Widmer
Sound Mix Yanik Soland, Laurenz Zschokke
Graphic Design Noé Herrmann