This bleeding cavity

Leaden Fumes

2020, Music Video, 4'

Recorded in January 2020,
Basel, Switzerland

This music video is a hommage to splatter films.
In a small research we examined different techniques to splash blood in an accurate and original way. We used many hoses, pumps, clay blocks and children’s toys to recreate different types of spraying. The goal was to give the viewer an experience that was as surreal as possible, yet realistic and unpleasant, through the choice of perspective.
The scenographic realization of the different spaces was central to this film and thus an elementary tool to tell the narrative.

Directors Julia Minnig, Miro Widmer
Director of Photography Miro Widmer
Editor Miro Widmer
Actress Fränzi Madörin
Production designer Julia Minnig
Makeup artist Tamina Widmer
Special FX Pio Schürmann
Dolly grip Steven Leisenberg, Pio Schürmann
Graphic designer Noé Herrmann