2023, Concert Film, 26'

Composed by Domenico Melchiorre
For LUNASON Instruments, Organ and Soprano

World Premiere – Recorded in September 2023
Stadtcasino Basel, Switzerland

I designed this concert film on behalf of the company Lunason. The focus of the recordings were the instruments created by Lunason, which are characterized by their lively sound and their futuristic design. The aim was to capture the atmosphere of the concert and to present the instruments as close and cinematic as possible.

Production Mirofilm
Director of Photography Miro Widmer
Cinematographers Christian Taro, Leonard Rottok
Light Designer Jonas Beckmann
Audio Recordings Jukka Altermatt, Samuel Tschudin
Audio Mix Amadis Brugnoni
Editor Miro Widmer
Graphic Design Noé Herrmann