Coming Soon

Silas Heizmann

2017, Neither a total fiction, nor a classical documentary, 22'

Recorded in November 2016
Sochumi, Abkhazia

Stuck between the shores of the Black Sea and the Caucasus Mountains, at the eastern border between Georgia and Russia, the separatist Republic of Abkhazia lives in almost complete isolation since 1992, when it declared an independence that was never recognised by the international community. Yet, the small republic survives and its youth – like any – is not immune from hopes and dreams.

COMING SOON invites the young of yesterday and of today to tell about this ‘non-place’ – this region in suspension where time runs differently, where memories blur to simultaneously become anticipatory of possible futures. Neither a total fiction, nor a classical documentary, Silas Heizmann’s film features images of natural and urban landscapes accompanied with an electro soundtrack and testimonies of individuals that portray this unknown region through their anecdotes and memories. Amidst this polyphony a shape emerges; a neon logo starts glowing and the music gets louder. What if music represented a way out?

Director Silas Heizmann
Director of photography Miro Widmer
Producer Asida Butba
Interviews Stefanie Müller-Frank
Set-Assistant Nadeer Farouk Saaed
Editor Miro Widmer
Music and Sound Till Zehnder
Audio Mastering Alex Buess
Colorist Tilman Holzhauer

Awards & Festivals
2018 Videoex, Jury Prize, Swiss Competition
2017 CinéDoc Tibilisi, International Documentary Film Festival